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As an active trader, we know you have a lot of stock charts to look at. analyzes your trades to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Drill down into your P&L to find which trading patterns, holding periods, tickers work for you.

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Daily P&L

Get a quick overview of your day to day performance and metrics - win rate, Win/Loss ratio, and more, without any spreadsheets or calculations.

P&L By Symbol

Analyze your P&L in multiple ways- by Symbol, or a group of symbols

Holding Period Analytics

Break down your trades by entry and exit times

Risk/Reward Analytics

Analyze your trades by analyzing risk vs profit potential based on entry, exit and stop loss prices to see potential/earned profit per unit of risk.

Automatic Data Sync

Import data from Zerodha or Upstox with the press of a button, or upload historical CSV trade files.

Tags and Annotations

Add notes and tags to your trades for later reference- breakouts, momentum, candlestick pattern, etc and then analyze performance of trades with specific tags- breakout trades with high risk reward, or head and shoulders trades in Nifty, etc.

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