1 Day Workshop

The 1 day chart based trading workshop covers the basics of trading, chart patterns, risk management and position sizing.

A fast paced course for those who want to improve their trading results.

We have distilled what we learnt over several years, putting in thousands of hours of screen time analyzing charts, reading books and live trading into this course. Whether you are a new trader who has trouble getting started, or an old hand who is missing the key blocks to take their trading to profitability, this course can help you!

There is no single way of trading in the markets ; Some trade based on charts, some trade based on tips, some others on news. To be profitable in the long run, you should have a consistent trading plan and sound risk management. We want to give you the tools and knowledge you need to be confident of analyzing charts and making a decision on your own without having to rely on news, tips, your broker and other recommendations.

None of what you will learn in the course is tied to any particular software, tool or service. We don't require you to purchase any software from us or any other book/other material.

It is universal, and applicable regardless of whether you trade shorter term or long term. We cover both.

Course Content

Is trading like gambling? What does it take to be profitable long term?

Part I: Chart patterns and Indicators
We cover the different chart patterns, how they form, what goes into evaluating a trade setup

Dow Theory

Support & Resistance


Double bottoms, tops, other patterns

Indicators - Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI
Pitfalls of using indicators, how not to use indicators

Examples- Intraday, daily charts, long term charts

Part II: Risk Manangement & Position Sizing

The Maths of being profitable- risk reward and win rate
Managing risk with risk reward ratio

Position Sizing and setting stop losses
Margin and leverage- how not to blow up

Trailing your stop loss

Part III: Building your trading plan

Putting together a setup, risk management and position sizing into a plan.

Automation, backtesting and scanning.

Charting tools, other resources.

Common mistakes, mental blocks, greed and fear.

Part IV: Case studies,fundamentals & Audience Q&A

Trading special events- elections, major world events, news and case studies of past events

P/E Ratios, interest rates, market cycles etc

Wrap Up

The workshop ends here, but your learning doesn't. We will send you regular updates through Telegram/Whatsapp. A printed course book will also be provided, with plenty of charts as well as tons of online resources.

Attending the workshop also gives you complimentary 6 months subscription to Tradestream.in Pro plan.

Next Workshop: Mumbai

Date:  July 15th, 2018 Sunday

Timings:  9am - 6pm

Venue:  Parle International, Vile Parle East, Mumbai 400057

Course Fee:  12,000

The course fee includes a chartbook, course material, online resources, and 6 months subscription to Tradestream.in
It also covers breakfast, tea, lunch and evening tea at the venue.

For groups of 2-5, discount is 10%. For groups of 5 or more, 20% discount applies.

The workshop is limited to 10 people, on a first come first serve basis.

Contact Number:  +91 9819191139


"I have attended his workshop and course ... Highly Recommended for people who want to start trading...."
Smit Suchak
Software Developer
"Totally worth it! I started from scratch, but I can read charts and take a view on my own without relying on tips or news!"
Tusshar Saigal
"I invest for the long term, but doing the workshop taught me a great way to use charts for shortlisting stocks"
Siddharth Sawant
"I was trading on my own without any process, the workshop helped me do it in a systematic way"
Sushreeta Sahoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will conduct the workshop?
The workshop is conducted by Prathamesh Godbole.
Do I have to bring anything along?
Please bring a laptop or tablet in case you need to refer to charts during the workshop. Course material will be provided.
What if I can't make it?
If you have an emergency and can't make it at the last minute, please let call us and let us know. We will accomodate you in a later batch.
Will I get any tips or calls during or after the course?
We teach you to analyze the charts and make your own decisions in the course so that you don't have to rely on tips!
We discuss charts on an ongoing basis even after the course, but no tips or calls are given. We are not an investment advisor!
Are there any guarantees of returns?
There are no certainties in the stock market! We don't give any tips and make no guarantees of returns or performance. We teach you how to analyze charts to help you make buy-sell decisions on your own.
Do I have to use Tradestream.in after the course for analysis?
Not at all. We would be glad if you continue using it, but it is not necessary. Any charting platform will do.
More questions?
Please call or Whatsapp on +91 9819191139