Automatic technical analysis
with Tradestream.in.

Directly scan charts for chart patterns, indicators and find the best trading setups- all in seconds.

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Select a readymade scan
or write your own

Choose one of the dozens of ready-to-use scans to find the chart patterns you need, or write your own without having to know any programming!

Build a watchlist

Add the tickers you're interested in to a watchlist

Automatic Alerts

You'll get automatic alerts when Tradestream.in finds interesting chart patterns on any stocks in your watchlists.


Create scans
without writing a single line of code!

Tradestream comes with a ready-to-use scans and indicators that you can customize and combine to build your own.


Indicators and patterns


Automatically detected chart patterns

"I used to go through my watchlist every evening, now I just check the tickers Tradestream scans!"

Suhas Rao, Canada

Swing Trader

"Its a great tool to find interesting chart patterns on long term charts I may have missed, saves a lot of time! "

Portfolio Manager, India


Our pricing is incredibly simple and flexible.

Ideal for swing traders, portfolio managers and long term investors.

United States
$ 20 /mo

Real time data from IEX

Market wide scanner

Automatic alerts

Chart pattern recognition

Phone/Email Support

INR 800 /mo

15min delayed NSE data

Market Wide Scanner

Automatic Alerts

Chart Pattern recognition

Phone/Email support

Get it done

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