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Missed buying a stock or exited too late? keeps an eye on your stocks so you don't have to!
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Helping you trade better helps you go through thousands of charts in a minute by shortlisting stocks that show your chart patterns. You can dive deep into a single stock to get a quick summary of all the indicators and patterns on it, or go wide and find all the stocks for your pattern.
Auto updating watchlists automatically curates stocks by chart patterns, signals and sectors every day into watchlists
Chart pattern scanner
Scan double tops, bottoms, moving average crossovers, RSI divergence and dozens of other patterns with one click
Write your own scans without any programming, just by typing in plain English!
Email alerts keep you posted with signals on stocks you follow every day. Never miss a trade again!
Stock Report
Get a lowdown on all the indicators for a stock at a glance with the Stock Report- is it above the 200 day average? Is it in an uptrend? Is the RSI above 50? etc
Trade Journal
Import or upload your trades and get in-depth analytics into what works and what doesn't
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3 Easy steps

Create a Watchlist
Create a watchlist of stocks you follow. You can directly import your watchlist from Yahoo/Google Finance and supported brokers. Share the watchlist with your friends, and see what stocks other traders are following.
Select a scan comes bundled with dozens of ready scans- moving average crossovers, 52 week high lows, RSI divergence, MACD crosses, double tops, etc. Pick a scan you use or build your own with the Scan Builder

Hit the Scan button and find signals in thousands of stocks in seconds!
Any date, any time frame
Check for signals on any historical date, on any time frame- daily, weekly, monthly!
Press a button to enable alerts, and will automatically email you these signals on your watchlist